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Our Values

Finsophy is a Public Benefit Corporation and will undertake the following mission:


I. Develop and sustain a community-focused financial platform that will enable the public to participate in the development of an inclusive, sustainable and human-centric Space economy


II. Develop and sustain an ecosystem of digital finance products and customers, banks, and capital requestors, to utilize network effects and financial technology to stimulate higher efficiency, volume and transparent capital flow towards enterprises addressing:

  • Environmental sustainability, preservation, conservation and replenishment

  • Clean & unlimited energy, water abundance, and cyclical utilization of resources

  • Development of community, small businesses, public infrastructure and public-benefit non-profits

  • Proliferation of education and economic opportunity to underprivileged communities

  • Proliferation of equal rights for all and reduction of wealth inequality across all tiers of human society

  • Economic development of the solar system for democratized resource utilization, open-technology incubation and advancement of the human condition


III. Utilize integrity, transparency and ethics in all corporate decisions, processes and actions

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